Sunday, April 17, 2011


What is real?

I mean what is it? I'm not referring to the cup in your hand as such but rather... have you ever had a bad day, for argument's case a really bad day - like you got the sack or you stacked your new car, broke up with your partner of a long time.... How does the world look to you? Pretty good? I think not, but keep observing. Chances are you can't because the effect is so overpowering...just fog and dingy grayness. But in hindsight, was there any light at the end of the tunnel? Was there even a tunnel at all? Mates come over and talk of the usual goals and aspirations and none of those have any appeal at all. Strange. What happened? Just the day before they were your aspirations, goals or dreams. In any event they are just not doable. Maybe you contemplated ending it....

Now let's flip the coin.

You got that BIG promotion or your business got that huge client or you just met the partner of your life. How does it all feel? How does the puzzle pieces coming together feel? It's all doable and to top it all, with ease. You have a perspective of a high flying bird and now you can see clearly and easily what needs to happen to tick over your beautiful life. You throw a big dinner for friends and why not, there is much to celebrate.

Which one is true? It easily flips from one side to the other and I am wondering that none of these are true at all. They are at the extremes of the scale. So what do you believe? Where is the center, where is the real in..... life?

The above scenarios seem easy enough but the two sides, the two extremes can play out to you in just one day... lets say that your business has a fantastic day trading and you are on your way home after what was a big day...and you come home and there it is a speeding fine and perhaps an angry partner... High followed by a low... and perhaps later you find out that it was practical joke by you best buddy and there is a surprise birthday party for you at your place....

I just thought I'd post this question into the big wide world and see what happens.

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